System Dynamics at Sixty: The Path Forward

By John Sterman, Jay W. Forrester Professor of Management
Director, MIT System Dynamics Group

Last summer we published a special issue of System Dynamics Review celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of the field.  It included my introductory paper, “System Dynamics at Sixty:  The Path Forward

Now five of our colleagues have written commentaries on that article, and these have been published in the latest issue of SDR, together with my reply.  All of these are open access through the end of 2019 (and thanks to Yaman Barlas, Wiley and the System Dynamics Society for making these available to all).  The commentaries are by Jack Homer, Ed Anderson, Markus Schwaninger, Jorgen Randers, and Brad Morrison.  I thank them all for their thoughtful comments.

You can find the commentaries and reply online on the SDR site.